Juicenews: Feb 14, 2023

This week's recap of the Juicebox ecosystem

Welcome to this week's edition of Juicenews, the juiciest newsletter to keep you up-to-date about everything happening in the Juicebox ecosystem. Each week we’ll include a mix of trending projects, protocol updates, tutorials and podcasts, and JuiceboxDAO updates.

Banny Cherub by Sage Kellyn

Trending projects on Juicebox 📈

Banny Valentines

Have a crush on one of your fellow DAO contributors? Need to cheer up a friend who has a case of the bear market blues? Do you want to let your lover know how much you care for them on-chain? For the price of .01 ETH, you can send anyone a Banny Valentine’s Day card featuring Sage Kellyn’s delicious artwork. NFTs can be sent to an address of your choice using a custom token beneficiary along with an on-chain memo. Celebrate Valentine’s Day on-chain!

FORMING Vol. 7 with Emanate this Friday, February 17th at 9:00pm EST

Preview of the FORMING Vol. 7 venue at the Juicebox parcel in Voxels

FORMING is hosting its 7th hyperverse concert in the Juicebox parcel this Friday, February 17th at 9:00pm EST in collaboration with Emanate. Emanate is a music marketplace powered by smart contracts that enables musicians to earn money on a per-second basis. The artists lined up for Friday’s performance include SWARÉ, Emily Lazar, DJ Lethal Skillz, Laminar, and Clyde Rouge. All ETH contributed will go to the FORMING treasury which will be distributed to artists performing live at the end of the event.

Protocol updates 👾

MP4 NFTs 🎥

Juicebox is gearing up to launch MP4 NFTs. Soon project creators will be able to upload videos, gifs, and audio as NFT rewards for Juicebox projects. Stay tuned for further details.

Preview of adding an mp4 NFT

New SVG template for Juicebox project handles

Nicholas put together an on-chain SVG template for project creators to render project handles in on-chain SVGs in less than a minute.

New contact page on juicebox.money

Want to request a new feature for Juicebox? Need help getting your project off the ground? You can now direct all your inquiries to the contact page on juicebox.money.

404 Error. This section of the newsletter could not load.

Just kidding! But we do have an updated 404 page on juicebox.money featuring a detective Banny drawn by Sage.

Office Hours now available on YouTube 🎙️

Missed an episode of your favourite good cop bad cop NFT tokenomics podcast? You can now listen to episodes 1-3 of NFT Tokenomics Office Hours with Nicholas and Jango on the JBDAO YouTube.

New tutorial by STVG 📹

STVG put together a tutorial on how to sell a physical item on Juicebox using NFT rewards and Address Form, a crypto native form where users can sign with their ETH wallet. Check it out at the link below.

Nicholas on DAO work environments and building community 🔗

Nicholas appeared on a recent Flipside Twitter Space to discuss how Juicebox onboards contributors and maintains its community. You can listen to the full conversation in the Twitter Space linked below.

One of the most valuable resources our DAO members have is their whole selves and it’s something that traditional finance and web2 working environments don’t embrace. If you’re a rockstar front-end developer and also play in a heavy metal band, your workplace probably doesn’t want to know about that. But in a DAO context these other aspects of your personality can be extremely valuable and make connections between communities. And then suddenly there’s another person who never spoke up but they have the same interest in heavy metal or buying an NBA team. This kind of cross pollination is very valuable and an undervalued aspect of community building.

Defifa wraps up Banny Bowl 🏈

After the final game for American Football, Defifa is now in Phase 4: The Final Whistle. A scorecard has been submitted by the Defifa Ballkids and at least 50% of NFT holders from all teams must attest to the scorecard on defifa.net in order to ratify it. Once ratified, holders can burn their team's NFT to reclaim ETH from the treasury at any time. Holders have the option to keep their NFTs and freely trade them: their value will remain backed by the treasury (4.20 ETH).

Governance Recap by Matthew 🏛️

Weekly Recap by 0xSTVG 📝

Town Hall Summary for February 7th by Zhape 💬

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