Juicenews: Aug 30, 2022

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Welcome to this week's edition of Juicenews, the juiciest newsletter to keep you up-to-date about everything happening in the Juicebox ecosystem. Each week we’ll include a mix of project and governance recaps, recent podcast episodes and blog articles, and video tutorials.

Weekly recap by 0xSTVG

Governance cycle recap by Matthew

New episode of the Juicecast with Sean from JokeDAO

JokeDAO is a bottom-up, on-chain governance dapp for communities to create contests, submit entries, and vote on their favourites. It can be used by communities to vote on grants, bounties, curation, contests, and more. As a proof-of-concept for the JokeDAO platform, the Joke Race is a weekly contest where the community submitted joke with the second highest number of votes wins and is minted as an NFT.

Ep. 10 - Sean from JokeDAO

Listen to this episode from The Juicecast on Spotify. In this episode, Brileigh and Matthew sit down with Sean from JokeDAO. JokeDAO is bottom-up, on-chain governance for communities to submit entries and vote on favourites. In this governance deep dive, Sean tells us about the various use cases for JokeDAO’s platform and how it can be used for a community to vote on grants, bounties, curation, contests and more. Together we break down how the Jokerace works, the governance system behind it, and the emerging social and game theory dynamics that it produces. We also learn about Sean’s background in development and what they’re building at the towers three. Chapters: 00:02:53 Sean’s background 00:05:07 The current pitfalls of governance 00:10:23 Sean’s favourite governance models and examples 00:13:10 Jokedao’s vision for how governance should work 00:17:43 Breaking down bicameral checks and balances 00:21:22 JokeDAO is a governance game engine and game theory 00:23:00 Building social graphs through JokeDAO 00:25:21 Use cases for Joke DAO and examples 00:27:37 Why JokeDAO became a project on Juicebox 00:29:12 The challenges of a programmable contest platform & similarities to Juicebox protocol 00:32:42 JokeDAO roadmap 00:34:28 The Towers Three 00:36:17 Leftist politics and people’s conflict with web3 Topics discussed: JokeDAO Jokenomics Article History of Governance The Towers Three Leftist politics and crypto Follow JokeDAO on Twitter: @jokedao_ Follow Sean on Twitter @seanmc_eth Follow Juicebox on Twitter: @juiceboxETH Juicebox Protocol's website: juicebox.money Follow Matthew on Twitter: @0xmatthewb Follow Brileigh on Twitter: @0xbrileigh Credits: Hosts: Matthew Brooks and Brileigh Hardcastle Production: Matthew Brooks and Brileigh Hardcastle Engineering: Matthew Brooks cc0 music by Daniel Allen (Collage #0069)

New tutorial: Make an Ethereum Treasury and a Token in 5 Minutes

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Town Hall Recap for August 23 by Zhape

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