Juicenews: Feb 07, 2023

This week's recap of the Juicebox ecosystem

Welcome to this week's edition of Juicenews, the juiciest newsletter to keep you up-to-date about everything happening in the Juicebox ecosystem. Each week we’ll include a mix of trending projects, protocol updates, tutorials and podcasts, and JuiceboxDAO updates.

Trending projects on Juicebox 📈


Not sure which cannabis products are right for you? You can now ask a virtual budtender from the comfort of your own home using Cash’d. The project has received over 3 ETH in the last week alone. Cash’d project creator Dawn Kelly, who is also a member of DeveloperDAO and Women Who Build Web3, is fundraising for further development. The next two features to come include:

  • Stash: record purchases to track your inventory

  • Session: record an experience to manage what you liked vs. what you didn’t

Protocol updates 👾

Transactions on juicebox.money are up over 100%

ETH isn’t the only thing that has gone up recently: the number of transactions on juicebox.money is up over 104% over the last 30 days 📊

New homepage for JuiceboxDAO governance

jbdao.org, powered by Nance, is live thanks to the efforts of jigglyjams, twodam, and nicholas. Nance is a governance automation tool currently being developed to help create a seamless governance experience for DAOs and digital communities. It can integrate with many of the tools that you already use like Notion, Discord, Snapshot, and Juicebox.

With new proposals coming in every two weeks, JuiceboxDAO is one of the most active DAOs according to Messari. This new hub (jbdao.org) will help community members keep up with JBDAO governance and learn how to become involved.

New Tutorial: How to Reconfigure Your Juicebox Project 🖥️

Once you’ve created a Juicebox project—whether you’re a content creator, a DAO, a non-profit, or another type of project—you may want to adjust how your project is configured. Maybe you need to add or remove payouts, modify the projects tokenomics, or launch NFTs. All of these things and more can be done by reconfiguring your project. You can follow along in this video tutorial on Youtube or the guide in the Juicebox Docs.

New article by LJ Huang ✏️

LJ Huang, research and operations lead at EthSign, recently published an article about Juicebox. It covers some of Juicebox’s past success stories, how to launch a project, and what Juicebox unlocks for project creators.

The Juicebox protocol, a leading Ethereum-based crowdfunding platform, is the birthplace of some of the most successful community-owned projects.

LJ Huang

Weekly Recap by 0xSTVG 📝

Town Hall Summary for January 24th by Zhape 💬

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