Juicenews: Jan 17, 2023

This week's recap of the Juicebox ecosystem

Welcome to this week's edition of Juicenews, the juiciest newsletter to keep you up-to-date about everything happening in the Juicebox ecosystem. Each week we’ll include a mix of project and governance recaps, recent podcast episodes and blog articles, and video tutorials.

Trending projects on Juicebox 📈


ChecksDAO is an acquisition DAO raising funds to buy Checks, an NFT collection by Visualize Value containing a grid of blue verified check marks. Their goal is to have a Black Check + Single Check Collection and use the DAO structure to do something meaningful with the collection. Check out their project (lol) on Juicebox to contribute to the treasury and help decide the DAO's roadmap. With their Distribution Limit currently set to 0, all treasury funds are considered overflow and can be redeemed at any time by contributors.

Latest episode of the Juicecast with Chris Blec from Blec Report 📄

For this week's episode of the Juicecast, Matthew and Brileigh sit down with Chris Blec. Chris is a crypto content creator known for his critical and adversarial approach to writing about the world of DeFi. Following the launch of Blec Report—a website dedicated to analyzing the risks of DeFi protocols and organizations—Chris created a Juicebox project to raise funds from supporters in a trustless and transparent way. In this conversation, Chris tells us about his career in marketing and growth and how he fell down the crypto rabbit hole. We learn more about the motivations behind his writing, what he thinks about the future of DeFi and regulations, and his thoughts on some of the most popular Dapps being used today.

You can support Chris Blec today and get an NFT at 3 tiers:

New video tutorial on how to create Juicebox Payment Addresses 📜

nnnnicholas wrote a tutorial on how to receive donations at a .eth address on the JB blog. You can now follow along in a step-by-step video tutorial by Matthew and Brileigh:

Den launches public beta ❤️‍🔥

Onchain Den helps teams using Safe multisigs understand what they're signing and gives reminders to signers until a transaction has been executed. In this 2min clip, co-founders Jonah Erlich and Ittai Svidler—who were previously on the ConstitutionDAO core team—tell us about how Den get started and how Juicebox has been helpful during the private beta. 

Defifa Banny Bowl enters kickoff 🏈

With a total of 4.20 ETH loaded into the pot (pun intended), the Defifa Banny Bowl enters the third phase of the game. During this phase:

  • The pot is locked and refunds permanently end before the first kickoff on January 14th 2023, 21:30 UTC.

  • Holders of each team’s NFTs benefit from the outcome of each Banny Bowl game that their team plays.

  • The eventual value of these NFTs recalibrates depending on a self-refereed scorecard.

Governance recap by Matthew 🏛️

Weekly recap by 0xSTVG 📝

Town hall summary for January 10th by Zhape 💬

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