Juicenews: Jan 31, 2023

This week's recap of the Juicebox ecosystem

Welcome to this week's edition of Juicenews, the juiciest newsletter to keep you up-to-date about everything happening in the Juicebox ecosystem. Each week we’ll include a mix of project and governance recaps, recent podcast episodes and blog articles, and video tutorials.

Trending projects on Juicebox 📈

Gabriel Haines' Rants For You

Gabriel Haines, also known as that guy who runs around shirtless with a machete yelling about crypto, is now running a Cameo-styled NFT campaign on Juicebox. Contributors can donate 0.1 ETH for a "Roast" or "Pep Talk" video by Gabriel on a subject of their choice. The second collection is almost sold out with 2 pep talks and 4 roasts remaining. Who would you get Gabriel to roast or give a pep talk?

Check out this roast video requested by nnnnicholas for NounsDAO ⤵️

You can learn more about Gabriel's journey from making hummus review videos to his machete persona on crypto twitter on episode 20 of the Juicecast on Spotify, Apple and YouTube. Short on time? You can also check out this quick 5min clip on YouTube where Gabriel tells us about finding success selling NFTs vs. web2 platforms like YouTube and Twitter:

Before going to The Bahamas, I sold an NFT of 10 editions at 0.05 ETH each and it sold out in less than an hour. That was $600 for one video. You’ll never see that on YouTube if you want to get monetized or paid out immediately, and having that support directly from your audience is amazing. And then Juicebox is even better because they don’t collect the NFTs, require receipts or control how much content you have to put out. As long as you provide enough value then your audience will trust you with that money to go out and do your thing. That feeling is amazing and I never experienced that in my entire life, and I hope to keep on building on that.

Gabriel Haines

Protocol updates 👾

Sepana Search is live on juicebox.money

Juicebox and Peel contributors are doubling down this new year to make projects on Juicebox easier to search and discover. One of the first features to drop is a new and improved search using Sepana. The feature is currently flagged but can be enabled with jb.enableFeatureFlag("sepanaSearch") in browser console. You can see an example below with the search query “education” and how relevant projects are displayed.

Juicebox 🤝 On-Chain Governance

Project creators can now launch a project on Juicebox with on-chain governance using NFTs. When launching a new project and adding NFTs, creators can either opt-in for Standard on-chain governance or Tier-based on-chain governance. Check out the Project Creator docs to learn more… step-by-step tutorial video coming soon!

NFT Tokenomics Office Hours with Jango and Nicholas

Hosted by Nicholas and Jango, Office Hours is a new show that gives NFT and DAO creators a creative and critically constructive environment for workshopping their projects tokenomics. Creators with a project, a community, or just an idea can get advice on refining their target audience, what behaviours they would like to incentivize, and how to go to market. The show is recorded live every Wednesday at 4:20pm EST on Twitter Spaces (@nnnnicholas) and is available on the Juicecast podcast feed. If you’d like to discuss your project on air, you can drop into the live recording on Wednesday’s and start a thread for your project in the Project Creators channel in Juicebox Discord.

Weekly recap by 0xSTVG 📝

Governance recap by Matthew 🗳️

Town hall summary for January 24th by Zhape 💬

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