Juicenews: March 28th, 2023

This week's recap of the Juicebox ecosystem

Welcome to this week's edition of Juicenews, the juiciest newsletter to keep you up-to-date about everything happening in the Juicebox ecosystem. Each week we’ll include a mix of trending projects, product updates, tutorials and podcasts, and JuiceboxDAO updates.

Trending Projects on Juicebox 📈

Planetable Pinning 🪐

Planet is a free and open source tool to build and follow decentralized websites using IPFS instead of centralized servers or services. You can also link your content to an ENS address so that others can follow you on Planet. JBDAO contributor and contract engineer Jango has been actively writing on jango.eth.limo, like this recent post on JBX token strategy and ecosystem opportunities.

Supporters of the Planetable Pinning project on Juicebox will receive NFTs at three tiers: 0.05, 0.1, and 0.25 ETH. Each NFT has utility for building decentralized websites using Planet, including pinning and storage, and will also help support the development of the project.

Product Updates 👾

Email Notifications

Wraeth from the Peel team just rolled out a new beta feature on juicebox.money: email notifications! If you update your profile with an email address, you’ll receive a transaction receipt whenever you pay a project. Soon you’ll also be able to subscribe to updates for your favourite projects, stay tuned!

Preview of email for tx receipts and activity notifications

Hover over your profile in the top right, click My Account, and then Edit Profile to add a bio, email address, and links to your website/Twitter.

Payment Modal

Peri is working on implementing a fresh new design for the payment modal. Stay tuned for this to go live soon along with a juicy homepage redesign currently in the works.

Juicebox Prop House Round Live ⌐◨-◨

Prop House is public goods infrastructure funded by Nouns DAO that enables communities to create “rounds” of funding where builders propose projects and members vote on the best ideas. JuiceboxDAO has funded the first Juicebox Prop House round with 1 ETH and submissions are now open until April 3rd. $JBX holders will be able to vote on the three winners who will each receive 0.3 ETH.

NFT Tokenomics Office Hours Ep 7 Live Tomorrow

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow at 4:20pm EDT for a new episode of NFT Tokenomics Office Hours live on Twitter Spaces! Hosted by Nicholas and Jango, the conversation will feature Cryptosi on a new dapp venture studio DAO, Felixander on crypto high school education, and David Schmeikal on deschooling with Genii DAO.

New Juicecast Episode Dropping This Week with Jigglyjams

Get ready for a fun and casual Juicecast episode with special guest Jigglyjams. Jiggly is a long-time JuiceboxDAO contributor and the creator of Nance, a powerful tool to help automate governance processes for DAOs. In this episode, we dive into Jiggly’s past work building fun Discord bots like gm bot, how Nance helps automate JBDAO governance, and where it’s heading next. We also take a few detours to discuss recent developments in AI, Balaji’s $1M Bitcoin bet, and Jiggly’s past work on comma.ai which can transform a Honda Civic into a Tesla (kinda).

Weekly Recap by 0xSTVG 📝

Town Hall Summary for March 21st by Zhape 💬

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