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Weekly recap by 0xSTVG

Recent articles on the JB Blog

🚀 MoonDAO is a worldwide collective united by the mission of decentralizing access to space research and exploration. In this article, Brileigh and Matthew tell us the story of MoonDAO's early days all the way to being the first DAO to send someone to space. 

🎙️ You can also listen to MoonDAO co-founders Pablo and Kori on episode 7 of the Juicecast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Ep. 7 - Pablo and Kori from Moon DAO by The Juicecast

In this episode, Brileigh and Matthew sit down with the co-founders of Moon DAO, Pablo and Kori. Moon DAO is a worldwide collective of people united by the mission of decentralizing access to space research and exploration. We learn about the history of Moon DAO, the importance of making space research and exploration decentralized, and their ticket to space NFT, which is a free mint contest for anyone to win a chance to go to space on Blue Origin this year 2022. Chapters: 00:01:01 Kori’s background 00:02:03 Pablo’s background 00:07:04 What is Moon DAO 00:10:28 Origin story of Moon DAO 00:15:55 The innate desire for humans to explore space 00:18:05 First phase of Moon DAO & finding Juicebox 00:21:59 Token distribution and importance of making Moon DAO equitable 00:25:33 Ticket to space NFT drop 00:31:54 Choosing Blue Origin over other spaceflight services 00:35:33 What is the message Moon DAO of sending someone to space? 00:38:19 Moon DAO space research and exploration plans 00:41:25 Reflections on Constitution DAO and Moon DAO’s approach to governance 00:45:56 Challenges of DAO structure 00:48:29 Contributing at Moon DAO 00:52:38 Open Lunar and governance of the Moon 00:55:57 Moon DAO working alongside governments and private organizations 00:59:19 Decision to be doxxed co-founders 01:04:17 Value of being a “headless” organization 01:08:36 How to get involved with Moon DAO Topics discussed: Moon DAO Juicebox Blue Origin Constitution DAO Follow Moon DAO on Twitter: @OfficialMoonDao Follow Kori on Twitter @korirogers Follow Pablo on Twitter @LarrotizPablo Follow Juicebox on Twitter: @juiceboxETH Juicebox Protocol's website: juicebox.money Follow Matthew on Twitter: @0xmatthewb Follow Brileigh on Twitter: @0xbrileigh Credits: Hosts: Matthew Brooks and Brileigh Hardcastle Production: Matthew Brooks and Brileigh Hardcastle Engineering: Matthew Brooks Music: Romariogrande

 🦸🏿 ComicsDAO is digitizing rare comics and loaning them out to DAO members. In this article, Felixander interviews Gogo to discuss how the project was configured, how its configuration changed over time, and why.

Banny graphic novel

The moment you've all been waiting for... a Banny graphic novel. Handmade with love by Felixander and Burtula, check it out now:

Excerpt from Banny graphic by Burtula and Felixander

Testnet update from Aeolian

Since the Rinkeby network is now deprecated, projects on rinkeby.juicebox.money will no longer load and new projects cannot be created. Going forward, JB project testing should be done on Goerli which is now live at goerli.juicebox.money.

Discord screenshot of Aeolian explaining that Juicebox has stopped supporting Rinkeby and now uses Goerli network

Governance cycle recap by Matthew

Town hall summary for October 04 by Zhape

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